If there is one celebration that many young adults look forward to, it's their 21st birthday, and here in Bozeman, there are a few spots that would be perfect.

Everyone's 21st birthday is usually celebrated with friends or family; you typically don't remember anything from the night's festivities.

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My 21st birthday was hanging out with my friends in college and having several adult beverages throughout the afternoon and evening. The only saving grace was I didn't have class the next day, and I could recover from all the shots of Jagermeister and Goldschalger.

Photo by Fred Moon via Unsplash
Photo by Fred Moon via Unsplash

Luckily Bozeman has several bars that cater to college crowds or people who don't want to spend $8 on a beer. So if you are wondering where to go for your 21st birthday with your friends or family, we have a few thoughts.

  1. Molly Brown Bar- This classic Bozeman bar has a great collection of pool tables, and the drinks are affordable. Plus, you usually don't have to deal with the large crowds of downtown Bozeman.
  2. Spectator's Bar- If you don't want to travel too far away from campus, the best place is Spectator's Bar. The classic Bobcat bar has excellent food and is a fantastic place to have drinks with friends.
  3. Bar IX-You want drinks? You got it. Want a place to dance and cut loose? Bar IX is the place to go. If your birthday falls on a Thursday, Bucket Night is perfect.
  4. Rocking R Bar-Another great place to grab drinks and dance, the Rocking R Bar is a favorite among the college crowd.

These are our top four spots to go out for your 21st birthday. So if that celebration is coming up and your friends need some ideas, we hope this helps.

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