When it comes to the internet, everyone has an opinion - and they're not afraid to share it.  On Instagram, Matt Shirley takes those opinions from his followers and makes maps and charts.

One of the recent questions he posed was how do you describe people from each state.  Now normally these things don't always reflect your state in the best light, but I have to say Montana is dead on!

Montana people were described at Hearty. Montanans need to be hearty because winters can be brutal - do you remember last week? Also, many of today's modern Montanans came from the original settlers and are proud to be 4th, 5th, or 6th generation. They stem from those who know what an honest day's work is and lived in a time when every day had its hardships.

What is the one word you would use to describe Montanans? Merriam Webster Dictionary defines hearty as "enthusiastically or exuberantly cordial." Do you agree that Montanans are Hearty?

When looking at some of the other states they seem to be pretty on point as well. Here are some state's highlights:

  • Idaho - Conservative
  • North Dakota - Bland
  • South Dakota - Ope (This is one I truly don't understand)
  • Wyoming - Outdoorsy
  • Oregon - Weird
  • California - Shallow
  • Washington - Outdoorsy
  • Colorado - High (I don't agree with this one, but I can understand where it's coming from)
  • Texas - Proud
  • Alaska - Tough

See the full map of every state and what one word describes them below.

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