When I think of a traditional restaurant, I think of classic American fare, but that doesn't seem to be what 'traditional' means. 

Reader's Digest put together a list of the Best Traditional Restaurant in Every State, and I had to learn what they meant. What Reader's Digest means by a traditional restaurant is a restaurant that offers meals that reflect the style of the city or state. So what restaurant did they choose for Montana? 

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The best traditional restaurant in Montana is Bayern Brewing in Missoula, Montana. 27% of Missoula's population is comprised of people of German descent, and Bayern Brewing offers classic German fare. Bayern has, among many choices, Bavarian pretzels and sausages from locally sourced farmers and butchers. You can also wash down all these tasty dishes with their fantastic beer. If you live out of town, though, what if you don't want to travel to Missoula? 

Bayern Brewing Inc via Facebook
Bayern Brewing Inc via Facebook

Bozeman doesn't have a traditional restaurant that fits Reader's Digest's criteria, but Schudogs Specialty Dogs might be considered a traditional restaurant in some aspects. They offer classic sausages you can't get anywhere else in Montana, which reflect Montana culture and cuisine. 

Another restaurant in Montana that should be considered is Kellergeist Pub in Great Falls. This pub has the largest selection of German beer and food in all of Montana. Plus, Kellergeist plays German music once a month, and Octoberfest here is wild. 

Finding a traditional restaurant in Montana seems like a tough task because there aren't many restaurants that fit this definition of traditional. Montana has restaurants that feature typical American fare and not food that represents the people that helped populate the area back when Montana was a new state. Maybe that will change one day. 

Check out Reader's Digest for more details. 

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