Montana tourist videos make us happy. Especially when those tourists make the extra effort to ski Beartooth Pass in July. It's a rite of passage that many locals haven't even attempted.

Kai Sather and his friends were kind enough to share some footage of their adventure with the rest of us.

If you find yourself in the Red Lodge area at the end of Spring/beginning of Summer, this is probably what you'll find:

For good measure (and a total bonus), we've included this promotional video from 1992. Ah, the good old Forest Service!

1992. The Beartooth Highway runs 69-miles, from the Red Lodge to Cooke City, Montana and then to the Northeast entrance to Yellowstone National Park. It's a road so spectacular the CBS's Charles Kuralt has called it America's "most beautiful roadway". The video illustrates the highway's use by the traveler, exploring recreational opportunities along the way, as well as providing glimpses of the vast and varied scenery.



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