Just looking at all the options for a license plate in Montana is pretty impressive and daunting.

So if you are new to the area or have your registration coming up soon you might want to look into getting a new license plate. Why's that? Well if you don't know the state of Montana has over forty different license plates to choose from and depending on your passion or interests, there is probably one for you.

Montana has license plates that help raise money for many different causes and groups that can range from sports programs to wildlife foundations. Many are based right here in the Gallatin Valley area. There is the Museum of the Rockies, Bridger Ski Foundation, Gallatin Ice Foundation, Big Sky Bravery, and many others.

Or you can support education by getting a license plate from the school or college you went to in Montana. There are so many different plates to choose from. The thing is you will have to wait a little bit of time to get your new plate because they have to custom make it.

If you want to be basic, like me, you can still get the old boring Montana plates. I have the centennial plates from years ago. I think I might change it up soon though. You don't see a lot of states do this and for Montana to have so many causes, foundations, and programs to help fund is something really special.

For more details, check out Montana's License Plates.

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