We knew Melissa McCarthy scooting around town meant SNL had it in for Sean Spicer, and boy, did they deliver. Watch the biggest “Spicey” sketch yet, as the beleaguered press secretary takes to the streets of New York City to seek out Donald Trump himself.

The bit opened with Aidy Bryant’s Sarah Huckabee Sanders standing in for Spicer, before the man himself emerged from the bushes to take over. After the usual antics, “Spicey” was forced to consider that Trump makes him lie to the press, leading the McCarthy character to drive to New York and confront him. Alec Baldwin’s Trump was again on hand this week, and the resulting confrontation got … Spicey.

Filming of the sketch caused a minor stir on Friday morning, as excited fans caught McCarthy driving around 58th street with the character’s motorized podium. Not counting the character’s brief cameo in McCarthy’s promo, “Spicey” has made three prior appearances, including the original sketch, the next week’s cold-open (with the motorized podium), and the recent Easter bit shot from Los Angeles.

Stay tuned for more on this weekend’s SNL, and watch the past Spicer sketches below.

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