Montana wants to make our state a place that Hollywood wants to film fantastic movies and maybe this will be one great step towards that goal.

If you don't remember a few weeks ago we found out a new movie is being filmed near the Billings area that is an action filmed and Alec Baldwin is one of the stars. The film is called Supercell and is about storm chasing and will include tornado's.

Well, apparently they have started filming because Alec Baldwin posted a few videos on his Instagram about his stay in Billings, Montana and how he is enjoying the area. One of his videos that he takes is right outside of the iconic Babcock Theater in Billings.

Credit: Alec Baldwin Insta via Instagram I love this. You can tell even though he's never been to Montana he's been fascinated by some of the tales of our state and is excited to venture out and see if Montana is what he expected. I think it's safe to say, he will love learning the history of Montana and if he gets a shot to check out further west, he might enjoy the 406 even more.




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Credit: Alec Baldwin Insta via Instagram

Alec Baldwin is just the latest big movie star to come to Montana and film a movie. Recently we had Machine Gun Kelly in Livingston shooting a western thriller and was posting about how much he loved how chill the whole area was. That's a huge compliment.

Welcome to the 406 Alec Baldwin!

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