This has been a pressing issue every single late spring going to into summer question. Why doesn't Bozeman have an outdoor amphitheater for concerts like Missoula and now Billings? Well, let me try to explain why and it might make more sense afterwards.


Let's look at Missoula and Billings to start off with. Missoula has two awesome outdoor venues that have concerts and Billings just built one last year. Missoula's Big Sky Brewing Company Summer Series and the new Kettlehouse Amphitheater have two great promoters behind each venue. The Knitting Factory and Logjam Presents have the access and the money to bring in acts that will not only be great concerts but are in a great hub of Western Montana for people to travel for a concert. Billings new Cove Creek Outdoor Amphitheater will start really hosting shows this upcoming summer and has a promoter like 1111 Presents to book shows there. Bozeman would need to have a pretty big/well known promoters to be situated here so they can book shows and figure out routing for bands.

The two biggest problem with Bozeman not having an outdoor amphitheater is how expensive it would be and where they would build it.  Bozeman is ridiculous on how much land cost is but also how much it is to build something. Someone with some serious cash would have to build it and that would take at least two years. Then again, where would you build it? You can't put it anywhere in town. The best guess is that it would have to be built in Four Corners, near Belgrade or even Bear Canyon(the scenery would be awesome).

Those are just a few of the problems that would come up with building a new outdoor venue for concerts in Bozeman. Do you agree? Let me know what you think.

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