If the City of Bozeman makes this massive change, it could ruffle the feathers of many landlords and tourists.

When traveling across America or the world, people have been opting for short-term rental companies like Airbnb or VRBO. These rentals can house more people, have better amenities, and possibly be cheaper than a hotel.

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The problem is these short-term rentals have come under fire here in the Bozeman area, and now it's reached a breaking point.

NBC Montana reports that a tenant union is asking the City of Bozeman to ban short-term rentals within city limits. If the ban happens, short-term rentals can turn into long-term housing. This move could provide a massive relief to many in the area.

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There are currently 760 registered short-term rentals in Bozeman, which might seem tiny, but that number's rapidly grown over recent years. Some city commissioners are worried about how new development in Bozeman is only for short-term rentals and doesn't help residents find places to live.

One of the main issues facing Bozeman for several years has been housing. Housing prices skyrocketed during COVID and have become unaffordable for many locals. Even locals who rent are paying an exuberant amount to live in Bozeman.

Photo by Aislinn Spaman via Unsplash
Photo by Aislinn Spaman via Unsplash

If this ban does happen, this will create a void where tourists can stay and hang out in the Bozeman area. Hotels have never had a problem filling up rooms over the years, and we could see their prices soar if this ban occurs.

Could Bozeman be doing more to help with housing? Yes. Is this city-wide ban on short-term rentals a good solution? I don't think so.

Bozeman needs more sound solutions, and we need them fast.

For more details, check out NBC Montana.

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