I’ve often wondered what people who work for Fox television, 20th Century Fox, and Fox Searchlight think about all the stuff going on over at Fox News, where news is presented with a decidedly more conservative bent than majority of the films and television series from their corporate counterparts. Generally, you don’t hear too much comment about that. And why would you? Unless you’re itching to get fired, you keep that stuff to yourself.

The exception to that rule, apparently, is Family Guy and The Orville creator and star Seth MacFarlane. Both of those shows currently air on Fox (a third, American Dad, aired on Fox for a decade before transitioning over to TBS) but over the weekend, MacFarlane sent out a tweet criticizing Fox News, and specifically host Tucker Carlson, for telling viewers to distrust anything aired on rival news networks like CNN or MSNBC. This wasn’t some vague subtweeting either. He couldn’t have been more explicit about how it makes him “embarrassed” to work for Fox.

My main takeaway from this kerfuffle: Seth MacFarlane clearly has a lot of money. (According to one website, he’s worth nearly $200 million.) No one who was worried about their source of income would tweet this. So tune in to Family Guy every Sunday night at 9M on Fox, at least for the moment!

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