This was one of the major casualties from last year when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and this event is a staple of Bozeman.

Pub 317's Run to the Pub in Downtown Bozeman is an institution and a yearly event that is a fantastic 10K or half marathon and is one of the biggest parties every year. Last years Run to the Pub was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic and this year's event is still happening but there are some changes so that it can happen.

Credit: Samuel McMain/Run to the Pub via Facebook
Credit: Samuel McMain/Run to the Pub via Facebook

First off, this year will be a virtual event. That means The week of March 15th through March 21st you can run on a course when it suits you. This is to prevent big huge crowds and to keep everyone safe. The best part is you will still receive a 'technical' race shirt to add to your collection. Seems simple right? It essentially is.

The only downside of this year's Run to the Pub is that there will be no trips to Dublin, Ireland. Every year if you participate in Run to the Pub and cross the finish line, you are automatically in to win one of four trips to Dublin but due to travel restrictions everyone hopes this will come back in 2022.

Pub 317's Run to the Pub is an institution that needs to come back when we get back to a sense of normalcy. It's just a huge party with friends and family and just a great time to hang out in downtown Bozeman and it's been sorely missed.

For more details, check out Run to the Pub.

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