Prince William will make Kate Middleton a Princess in just a couple of weeks. Want some just released details of the wedding day? Here is a schedule of how the royal wedding will take place in 14 days. How amazing it would be to have a wedding that makes so many people, and countries stop and watch from across the world.

Preparations Begin On The Stands That Will Hold Members Of The Press During The Royal Wedding

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Prince William and his brother/best man, Prince Harry, will leave their home -- Clarence House, which is located next to St. James's Palace - at 10:10 AM local time on their way to Westminster Abbey on Friday, April 29, according to Britain's Daily Mail, which obtained a copy of the schedule.

They'll arrive just five minutes later, giving them almost an hour in the church as they wait for the bride.

The church will likely be busy at that point, as the general congregation is arriving between 8:15-9:45 AM.

Shortly after William and Harry arrive, the various invitees from foreign royal families will arrive at Westminster Abbey at 10:20 AM, having left from Buckingham Palace.

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