One week after another, Rick and Morty loves to extol the virtue of alcohol. The title adventurers next run afoul of the Alien universe in a new Covenant crossover clip, and you’ll never guess which of Rick’s favorite pastimes saves the day.

Seeing as we’re always lack for new Rick and Morty content, the engineers at Adult Swim drafted a quick short of the two answering a distress call from the Alien universe, while still somehow maintaining awareness of the Alien universe. That said, those poor face-huggers never stood a chance against one of Rick’s burps.

In the meantime, we’re still waiting on a formal premiere for Rick and Morty Season 3, last estimated to come out this summer. It’s been a month and a half since the surprise premiere on April Fools’ Day, with nary an official word since.

While you’re at it, read our review of Alien: Covenant, and stay tuned for the latest on Rick and Morty Season 3 as it arrives.

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