It's nice to see people get rewarded for all the hard work and effort they put into the season. 

Montana State Athletics has had a banner year in many of their sports, from football to basketball and others. The Montana State football team reached their first national championship game since the 1980s, and both the men's and women's basketball teams made the NCAA Tournament. So shouldn't they be rewarded? 

406 MT Sports is reporting, that the Montana State coaches for football, men's, and women's basketball have all received new four-year contracts. Danny Sprinkle signed a new four-year contract that will expire in 2026, and the new contract came with a pay raise. Brent Vigen and Tricia Binford's new contracts overwrite the old contract and will expire in 2026 as well. 

Brent Vigen, in his first year as head coach of the Montana State football team, took the team to the national championship game and won the Big Sky Conference. Tricia Binford has been a mainstay of the women's basketball team since 2001 and has led the squad to several Big Sky Conference championships and multiple NCAA Tournament appearances. Danny Sprinkle is only in his second year of coaching the men's basketball team, won the Big Sky Conference championship, and went to the NCAA Tournament for the first time in 26 years. 

Montana State Athletics wants to keep having constant success with their teams, and keeping these excellent coaches at the helm is a great way to do that. We are all waiting with anticipation for next season to see if they can build on last year's accomplishments to even higher heights. 

For more details, check out 406 MT Sports. 

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