The State Department is MONTHS behind on passport renewals due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If your passport is going to expire in the next 18 months, consider starting the process now since you're not going anywhere right now.

  • With the COVID-19 pandemic, there are VERY LIMITED passport services.
  • Exceptions are being made for life-and-death situations.
  • Every person (of any age) needs a passport to travel internationally by air.
  • Since we're not traveling now, it's a good time to renew your passport. Who cares if it takes weeks longer than normal. You're not using it so send the old one in!
  • Renewing is a simple process. It's just taking much longer than usual.
  • You'll need: to fill out a form, get approved pictures taken, send in your old passport and pay the fee. Then just wait!
  • My guess is that once services "return to normal", WHENEVER they return to normal...the process will take much longer due to a severe backlog of requests for new and renewed passports.

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