I can't wait to get a big tub of popcorn, some M&M's, and a giant Coca-Cola while I sit back and watch a brand new movie on the big screen. It's been too long.

Regal Cinemas announced that they where going to open up their theaters starting in April but only 500 of them and the Bozeman Regal Cinemas wasn't on the list. Luckily, they have finally updated the list and now the Bozeman Regal Cinemas is slated to reopen on Friday, May 7th.

This has been a long time coming for the Bozeman Regal Cinemas. Many folks, including myself, have been waiting patiently but with anticipation trying to figure out when the theater would open again and now we have our answer. COVID-19 has closed the theater for most of 2020 and then when most of the movie studios decided to either put their new films on streaming services or delay their premiere date that threw up a lot more questions but Regal Cinemas struck a deal with Warner Brothers and with Disney planning to release films this summer things are looking up for movie theaters.

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Listen, I am a huge fan of going to the movies and seeing new films on the big screen. I tried watching Wonder Woman 1984 and the new Godzilla vs. Kong on my TV but I just had this feeling that this would be different in a big theater with my friends and surround sound. Going to the movies is a whole experience and I can't wait to go back to the Bozeman Regal Cinemas.

For more details, check out Regal Cinemas.

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