Pusha-T and Drake's beef has been playing out over the last few years but in the summer of 2018 things got tense. King Push released "Infrared," Drake clapped back with the "Duppy Freestyle" and it was on and popping. Then Push dropped the hammer with "The Story of Adidon." That appears to be the nail in the coffin but the Virginia lyricist was ready to carry on the back and forth even longer.

On Monday (Dec. 31), Variety published an article with the G.O.O.D. Music president where he talked about the process of putting together his Grammy-nominated Daytona album and what part the diss played.

"It was always going to be, always going to happen," Pusha said about the diss appearing on the LP. "I was always going to get off. 'Infrared' had to happen. We were doing the back and forth. He had 'Two Birds, One Stone.' This is what rap is. He is… it is a machine in dealing with him. So we deal. But I had to do things at my own time. You can’t just jump out there. We’ve seen how that works when you just treat it like a street battle. It’s really not. You have to play chess."

After his revealing "Adidon" diss hit, Drake was reportedly ready to fire back but Aubrey's mentor, Rap-A-Lot owner J. Prince, stepped in and advised Drizzy to dead the issue.

"I was in it for the long haul … for hip-hop," Pusha said. "I thought this was going to be a running thing, back and forth. I was sure he’d have a rebuttal. I did what I wanted to do. I only deal in truth, how I see things. When you’re dealing with words, it’s a way of dealing with truth and how the pubic process that, how they interpret that. And what touches them and what touches the person you’re going against. I actually thought we were going to keep on."

Drake has yet to reply on wax but he has been vocal about the beef. In an interview on The Shop with LeBron James he talked about Pusha stepping over the line by talking about his producer 40's health and said there would be retribution.

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