It's that time of the year; people flock to the nearest coffee shop to get one particular type of coffee. We had to know where the best place to get one in Bozeman was. 

During the fall, the most popular drink has to be the pumpkin spice latte. We all know Starbucks' pumpkin drinks are hugely popular, but many local coffee shops also offer tasty autumn-themed beverages. We asked the 96.7 KISS FM Facebook page where the best place to get a pumpkin spice latte is, and there was one location that was mentioned repeatedly. 

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Our listeners chose Revamped Coffee Co in Belgrade, Montana, as the best place to get a pumpkin spice latte in the Gallatin Valley. This little coffee shop is near the Main Street intersection and is probably a hot-spot for many people heading to school or work early in the morning. Revamped Coffee Co was chosen by several locals who said their pumpkin spice latte is the only one that will satisfy your taste buds this fall. 

Revamped Coffee Co via Facebook
Revamped Coffee Co via Facebook

That's high praise from the Gallatin Valley; there are many wonderful coffee roasters, houses, and huts spread throughout Bozeman area.

The only other coffee spot that was widely mentioned for its great pumpkin spice latte was Zocalo Coffee House in downtown Bozeman. Zocalo is a Bozeman staple for coffee, and it's not surprising. They always have fun coffee creations, and their PSL is well-known. 

Zocalo Coffee House via Facebook
Zocalo Coffee House via Facebook

So this fall, if you want to break away from the mainstream pumpkin drinks and try a local spin on the PSL, check out these two spots. 

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