When the Orange Box was released for the Xbox 360 and and PS3 I was stoked because I assumed that all the console gamers would fall in love with Valve as each PC gamer already had. The poor execution and exclusion of content made the whole experience lacking. Now, with Portal 2, Valve is giving the PS3 some pretty amazing features.

Portal 2 will be released on April 21 accross all platforms (PC, Mac, Xbox 360, PS3) but some will get different treatment.

Not only will the PS3 get the attention to detail that the first never received, the developers announced that it will have exclusive features the Xbox version will not. As soon as you insert the Portal 2 disc into your PS3 and connect it to the internet, you will be able to sync your Steam account from your PC/Mac. This will allow you to chat and game with all your friends from Steam. Yes we said GAME with your friends on Steam as they play on their PC/Mac. This will be a great step forward for video games as it will make progress in allowing all gamers on all platforms to play together and shift the boundaries that currently keep console and PC gamers separate.

Check out the video preview of Portal 2 and try not to be excited.