We can finally figure out which gamers to stay away from and which ones to partner with on Xbox Live with this new visualization of each player's reputation.

We have learned that the Xbox Wire has put up a preview of the Xbox One's upcoming player reputation system. Since many players have encountered a varying degree of characters on Xbox Live, Microsoft has decided to implement a community-oriented reputation system in order to help inform players about the doings of specific people in the Xbox One community.

Micheal Dunn, who is a Program Manager on Xbox Live, has let it be known that a vast majority of users already fall under the "Green = Good Player" rating. The other two ratings would be the "Yellow = Needs Work" (which goes to Orange as well) and the "Red = Avoid Me" rating. Dunn explains that as long as you continue playing fairly without being reported in a negative manner, your reputation will continue to increase. This will help players identify the black sheep of the Xbox Live crowd from a distance. This rating only works in a negative manner, so even if you never receive any feedback from anybody, you will remain in the green.

Dunn also explained that players with Red ratings will have reduced matchmaking pairings, being paired only with similar baddies, Red rated players might even become banned from using certain aspects of Xbox Live, such as broadcasting on Twitch. Players don't have to worry about false reports, just because someone has gotten jealous of your skills and started spam-reporting you, the reputation system will recognize this and you will not be penalized, just as one or two bad reviews in a long duration won't take much away from your rep.