If you were watching President Trump at the rally in Billings, you HAD TO KNOW that "plaid shirt guy" was going to get booted. His perfectly timed expressions (and verbal reactions) to certain Trump statements were priceless.

I've taken the liberty of posting the entire Billings, Montana Trump speech below. However there are a couple of moments you may just want to jump to...

First of all, there wasn't much clapping or cheering going on by Plaid Shirt Guy so there's that. Generally, if you're given a televised position behind ANY government official or candidate, they'd appreciate you appearing as if it's not painful to be there.

  • At 10:37 there's some pretty good eyebrow raising about "liberals taking your guns".
  • At 13:00 Plaid Shirt Guy seems to dig the idea of term limits with a few head bobs...
  • At 15.50 PSG has a quick yet priceless reaction to Trump's comments on Social Security
  • One of my faves is at 22:40 when PSG verbally reacts to Trump's claim of "beating the Bush Dynasty".
  • At 46:20 he's pointing to a sticker on his shirt...can't quite make it out...Oh! It's a "Democratic Socialists of America" sticker! That's probably our cue that he's not long for this televised rally...
  • At 50:40 is when the lady in the black dress shows up and quickly (yet gracefully) moves across Trump's human backdrop to boot Plaid Shirt Guy.


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