I think if this were to happen either in Bozeman or the Gallatin Valley, it has the potential to do extremely well.

406 MT Sports is reporting that the independent baseball Pioneer League is looking to expand and the first city in their sites is Kalispell, Montana. This is a great sign that the Pioneer League has been successful and wants to grow their league even further, especially in the 406.

If you don't know, the Pioneer League used to be a part of Major League Baseball's minor league system but was sadly cut this past year due to budget concerns. The Pioneer League banded together with other discarded teams to build the Pioneer League and are now partnered with Major League Baseball. The three Montana teams that are currently involved include the Missoula Paddleheads, Great Falls Voyagers, and the Billings Mustangs.

The thing is, if the Pioneer League is looking to expand further in Montana then it would make sense for them to possibly build a franchise here in Bozeman or the Gallatin Valley. With the growing population, great views and if they put the field in a fantastic location, a team could thrive extremely well here.

When I was growing up in Montana, I was a big fan of baseball. My dad would constantly take my brother and me to Missoula Osprey(the Paddleheads old name) games and we saw future players compete right here in Montana, There have been some great players that started right here in Montana and have made great names for themselves in Major League Baseball.

Plus, there is nothing better in the summertime than being around friends or family, have a drink in one hand and a hot dog in the other while watching baseball. That's just my happy place.

For more details, check out 406 MT Sports.

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