This news will be a massive relief to many who plan to travel internationally. 

The Points Guy reports that the U.S. State Department plans to make renewing your passport easier. 

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The State Department will allow folks who already have a passport to renew it online to streamline the process. This move will allow folks to avoid going to their local post office for a new photo, paperwork, and more. Now you will be able to renew in the comfort of your own home. 

This service isn't an entirely new thing; the State Department did a test run and had over 25,000 applicants go through the process with ease. So it's not surprising that they are expanding the service to everyone. 

Photo by Nicole Geri via Unsplash
Photo by Nicole Geri via Unsplash

Here's the thing: there are some downsides to renewing online. First off, this service won't be available until the beginning of 2023, and you will have to be 25 years old or older to renew. 

If you don't know right now, renewing or getting a new passport is a little stressful. Getting your photo and paperwork, and setting up an appointment for everything is a nightmare. Plus, even if you send in every piece of information you need to, you might not get your new passport for two months—if you are lucky. 

Photo by Levi Ventura via Unsplash
Photo by Levi Ventura via Unsplash

Luckily, I renewed my passport a few years ago and can wait a few more years to get a new one. I have had several friends here in Bozeman that either had to pay hundreds of dollars to fast-track their passport renewal or had to travel to the closest passport office to get it done. 

So if you can wait a little longer, Montanans will have a new way to get a passport and not have to hassle the good folks at the local post office anymore. 

For more details, check out The Points Guy

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