I absolutely love Chelsea Handler and Nicki Minaj when I got a hold of their interview on Chelsea Lately I had to share it.  Both these women have really made names for themselves and have made it in their own way.  I thought this was a fun interesting interview because Nicki talks about how hard it is to make it in the entertainment industry as a women.  She mentions there are double standards for guys and girls in the game.  Chelsea agrees with Nicki and mentions that yes there is a double standard.  I think it is important to see such successful women prove that you can make it and that double standard or not you it is your game.

I also love Nicki talking about her alter-egos.  Nicki is playful in her music and loves to have her alter-egos come out.  She has Roman, her gay boy character,  and Romans mother Martha and then of course Nicki.

Check out the interview it is fun!!!! Love both these women so much!!