Normani Kordei made girl group-gone-solo chart history this year with "Love Lies," her collaborative track with Khalid, making everyone eagerly wait to see what her next big hit will be. Kordei has been teasing a big collaboration with Calvin Harris since the summer, and now she's finally shared the single's release date.

The Fifth Harmony singer announced on Twitter that the yet-untitled track is coming out really soon: Monday (Oct. 22)! Kordei and Harris are doing a great job at keeping everything on the down low, without even giving fans a teaser of the song in the announcement video. Writing the announcement with a sharpie on a red piece of tape made Kordei so excited that she accidentally dropped the marker.

It's no secret that Harris' songs make huge radio hits, including his latest collaboration with Dua Lipa, "One Kiss." There's a big chance that this untitled single could be just as massively successful as "Love Lies," that has steadily remained on the Billboard charts.

Kordei is also currently working on her debut solo album, and even though she hasn't released any details about it yet, she expressed how proud she is of her solo work in an interview with Billboard earlier this month.

“I've been co-producing, I've been co-writing, I've been in with a lot of amazing songwriters and producers that I've been wanting to work with for such a long time now -- that are actually fans of mine, which is kinda crazy. … Sonically and creatively, I'm able to do absolutely anything that I wanna do now. It's like a kid in a candy shop. It's overwhelming sometimes, because there's like so much you can do but the options are limitless, so I'm excited," said the singer.

It's still unclear what will happen to Fifth Harmony in the future, but for now Kordei is happily thriving on her own.

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