Calvin Harris revealed that he had to have his heart restarted in 2014.

The producer/DJ shared his health scare with his Twitter followers on Tuesday (May 19) after a media outlet shared a performance video from Harris' set at Las Vegas' Electric Daisy Festival in June 2014.

Nobody saw the 36-year-old hitmaker's response coming.

"Interesting year for me 2014, started with me knocking myself off number 1 in the UK and ended with my heart getting restarted in the ER...this sort of stuff happened in between," he wrote.

Later that year, Harris canceled numerous previously scheduled performances and appearances. Soon after, he stopped drinking alcohol and insinuated that heavy drinking was to blame for his heart issues.

In December 2018, Harris revealed to a fan on Twitter that his sobriety helped his heart health. "Aye things are a bit less fun but haven’t had an arrhythmia since 2014," he wrote alongside a thumbs up emoji. 

"I stopped drinking [alcohol] because it actually was making me ill," he told BBC News in 2009. "It was affecting my brain in the worst way. It's hard doing what I do because you're surrounded by JD [Jack Daniels]. Everywhere you go there's a bottle of Jack Daniels. If you turn up for a DJ set there are two, you turn up for a band gig and there are six.

"Where does it all go? Well someone's got to drink it," he continued. "That's the problem, it has got to leave the venue. They can't be left with booze that's not the done thing. It ends up going back to the bus and what do you do? Go to bed or drink it? You drink it. I'm doing really well."

See the tweet, below.

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