A rumored new game called Mario Maker might have just been spotted at Nintendo's E3 2014 booth, which is currently under construction.

A rather grainy photo of Nintendo's show floor that appeared on Nintendo Enthusiast reveals a booth for something called Mario Maker, which seems to use sprites from classic Mario titles, all controlled with a stylus.

The photo, which seems to have been captured with a potato-quality camera, is shown below. There's no indication regarding which console or consoles we'll see this game on, but from what we can surmise, Mario Maker revolves around the creation of your own Mario-themed levels. We can only imagine the possibilities. Can you say "thwomps everywhere?"

Of course, as this is only a rumor and there's no valid information concerning the image below, you'll have to take the existence of this Mario Maker booth with a grain of salt. We'll update you on this story as more information is revealed. Until then, look forward to our coverage of E3 2014.