Looks like I will be buying a few of these pastries this weekend because they all sound absolutely delicious.

I was driving on Babcock the other day and I noticed a brand new French bakery in the bottom of the that new high rise off the corner of Babcock and Wallace and so I had to look it up and this place looks fantastic.

Vienne Café is a French bakery that will not only have pastries and other delicious goodies but will also have wine and cheese to take home and have a lovely fancy night. Just looking at their fantastic menu I want to try a little bit of everything especially some of their breakfast and lunch items.

Vienne Café via Facebook
Vienne Café via Facebook

Downtown Bozeman is no stranger to some pretty fantastic bakeries such as Wild Crumb and Faber's Bakery but this sounds like Vienne Café will be a welcome addition because they will be offering many items that the others don't. From tarts to puff pastry and more, this place will have many items that could instantly be your favorite weekend treat.

I personally want to get several butter croissants because those sounds absolutely delectable and a perfect morning meal. There is just so much to choose from and I really want to deep dive into what kinds of wines they will be carrying as well.

Vienne Café is still slowly opening up so they might not have all the items they have on their menu to so be patient as they get to full strenght and just enjoy.

For more details, check out Vienne Café.

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