Earlier this year, Genuine Ice Cream Co. took out their Streamline trailer location at The Lark in Downtown Bozeman and citizens have been waiting to see what would replace them and now we have that answer.

The Lark Downtown is now home to Sundial Vietnamese Street Food in a cute little trailer and the food sounds amazing. Sundial Bozeman is open only Thursday through Sunday from 4 to 8 PM.

Sundial Bozeman serves classic Vietnamese dishes like Banh Mi's, Pho, and more! The best part, the prices are extremely affordable. None of their Banh Mi sandwiches are over $10 and their Pho doesn't go over $16. That's extremely affordable for Bozeman prices.

Credit: Sundial Bozeman via Instagram

We have been wondering what would replace Genuine Ice Cream Co. in that location and honestly, this is a breath of fresh air. We don't have a great variety of Asian restaurants and just looking at some of their pictures on their Instagram, all of their dishes look delicious.

I can't wait to grab some Pho after work and just have a smile ear to ear. My only issue is that I wish they were also open for lunch as well because this would become my new favorite lunch spot for sure. Come this Thursday though, I am getting one of their Banh Mi sandwiches though.

If you would like to learn more about Sundial Bozeman whether it be their menu or to check out their Instagram, check out their website.

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