Shrouded in mystery for months, many have wondered what Tanoshii was all about, now we might have a clue.

Even though Tanoshii hasn't opened officially, in the old Corx Wine location, you can get a sneak peak of their menu and try some of their food this Friday, June 26th from the Food Studio.

The Food Studio usually specializes in catering events and weddings but lately they have also done small, intimate pop up prepared/take out dinners.

Tansohii and the Food Studio will be working together for their pick up menu on June 26th and even though the menu is small, we want to try all of it.

They will have Kotsu and Vegan Ramen to choose from plus gyoza as well and other dishes as well.

The best part, you can order it now and then all you have to do is pick it up on Friday, June 26th from the Food Studio on Kagy Blvd.

This is a great way to have people try out your menu and not worry about being over capacity and get everyone excited for when Tanoshii finally opens.

Also, the prices for the menu is extremely affordable and how can you not love that as well.

To see the full menu check out the Food Studio.

While you are there also check out the Food Studio's Beer Pairing Dinner Series in July cause that sounds like an excellent date night in Bozeman to be honest.

Several delicious craft beers locally with delicious food, sign us up.

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