You'll find this new building at 101 South Wallace, at the intersection of Wallace and Babcock. The modern building has only 4 luxury condos along with commercial spaces for lease. The well liked Little Star Diner is also a part of this new complex.

101 Wallace - Google Maps

Personally, I find this particular project very interesting. It's not particularly big in terms of high density living. (Only 4 condos as opposed to a dozen or more.)

It's quite modern and it doesn't tower over the homes, buildings and businesses that surround it as some other new buildings in town do.

The location is excellent, being only a block off of Main Street. A person could live here conveniently without a car if they didn't want to own one.

PLEASE NOTE: I have NOT personally been in the new condos or the commercial space available for lease. My opinions are strictly based on available info and the location of the project.

101 Wallace Condos - Michelle Wolfe

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