Everyone loves a delicious chicken sandwich from time to time. Doesn't matter if it's fried or grilled.

I have some great news Bozeman, we have a new restaurant coming soon and it's called Super Chix: Chicken and Custard and from the look at the menu it looks incredible and I can't wait to try it out.

Credit: Super Chix via Facebook

Their menu consists of several different variations of fried or grilled chicken sandwiches but they also have several chicken salads to choose from and chicken tenders because that is always a classic. Plus, their custard is just another term ice cream and that will compliment the chicken sandwiches perfectly. Oh and did I forget, they have fried pickles as a side? That will be a huge hit.

Super Chix: Chicken and Custard is a chain but only has six locations so far and they are all in either Alabama or Texas. The new Bozeman location will be their furthers northern location.

The location of Super Chix will be at the old Buffalo Wild Wings Location at 2047 W Oak Street. That is a great location for their business as they will have no real competition around them for food and will have one of the busiest intersections in Bozeman right next to them.

Also, if you are looking for a job. Super Chix is looking for full time and part time employees as we speak.

Credit: Super Chix via Facebook

As a man who loves a great chicken sandwich I can tell you I will be one of the first people to be there when they open and give my critique and I hope they can be a great another great chicken sandwich addition to Bozeman.

For more details, check out Super Chix's website.

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