Listen, I love dogs and Bozeman is definitely a dog town but cats are great too and are just as cuddly.

KBZK is reporting a new café has opened in Bozeman and will be Montana's first ever cat café. Cat Show Cat Cafe is a place where people can come do work and chill out while hanging out with cats. The best part is that all of these cats are adoptable and come from Heart of the Valley.

Credit: Cat Show Cat Café via Facebook
Credit: Cat Show Cat Café via Facebook

The café is open now and is located on the second floor of the Garden Barn off of Huffine. Essentially they are in the same building as Nordic Brew Works and Foxtrot.

One of the main points of this café is to help find these cats their forever home and if you can find a cat that can chill with you while you are doing work in an open space, that is a win right there.

These types of cafes are extremely popular internationally, especially in Asia and this is a really great idea for Bozeman. Bozeman is a huge dog city with several big parks for dogs so cats are sometimes thought of after the fact but as a man who has grown up with dogs and cats they are both special in their own way.

Cats can be just as cuddly and loving as dogs but aren't as high maintenance. If you have thought about getting a cat maybe this is the best place to start to meet several cats that might fit your lifestyle.

For more details, check out Cat Show Cat Café.

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