Nothing is the better than the smell of fresh bread at a bakery and I have a feeling this might be my new spot to grab a sandwich for lunch.

Faber's Bakery & Deli is looking to be possibly a new spot to grab baked goods, sandwiches and other delicious treats in Downtown Bozeman. We just need them to open because if they keep posting things like this Facebook post, I might starve.

Testing how the croissants bake in the new oven. Have to increase temperature a bit and proof a touch more. But crumb check is looking promising

Posted by Faber’s Bakery & Deli on Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Credit: Faber's Bakery & Deli via Facebook

According to Faber's Bakery & Deli's website they will have breakfast sandwiches, pastries, pies, fresh bread, and other treats that are perfect for a snack or meal.

Faber's Bakery & Deli will be located on Willson Ave just around the corner from Chalet Sports which is a great location for them. The downtown walking traffic at the intersection is fantastic and there has been a crucial need for a bakery downtown with great sandwiches.

I mean, just look at that croissant in the picture above. If that doesn't get you excited to eat some delicious bread and sandwiches from this spot then I have no idea what will.

When we find out more information about when their opening day is we will update this post and keep you all in the loop.

For more details, check out Faber's Bakery & Deli.

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