Like usual, I recently got stuck on a recommended Netflix series. I won't lie, I will waste an entire day binge-watching a series if it is good or bad. It's not something I would say I am completely proud of, but I do tend to impress myself from time to time.

The series I just finished was called Sweet Tooth.

I won't spoil the series for you, because honestly, it was really good, but it is basically about a lab that created babies that were half human and half animal. Ok, before you start thinking, "Well that sounds dumb", I felt the same way. Then I watched the first episode and was hooked.

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This is the second series that really highlights Yellowstone National Park. We blame the actual series, "Yellowstone", for tons of people moving here, but now it seems as though another series is obsessed with Montana.

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The main character, Sweet Tooth, has only a couple of real goals. Find his mother and get back to Yellowstone National Park.

I won't tell you whether either of these two goals was accomplished because I am not a complete jerk, but I will suggest you watch the series.

Will this hit Netflix series entice more people to move to Montana in hopes of chasing the same dream as Sweet Tooth? You just never know. Is it movies and shows that make people want to move to Montana, or is it the fact that it is so incredibly beautiful? I'm going with the fact that Montana is stunning.

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