It wasn’t so long ago that Netflix venturing into talk shows seemed like a strange concept, and with Bill Nye Saves the World preparing for an April debut, Netflix is rethinking Chelsea Handler’s Chelsea. Season 2 will move to a weekly format that better fits the show’s viewers, as revealed in a new teaser for the April premiere.

Where previously the series made available to stream half-hour episodes each Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, the second season will instead debut an hour-long episode each Friday, starting on April 14. That brings the total down from 90 episodes a season to 30, thought Netflix data suggested that most of the shows viewers chose Friday to catch up anyway..

Here’s how the announcement describes the additional freedom:

Season two will have more in depth interviews, more robust field pieces, more dinner parties and the opportunity to dig deeper into the subjects that matter to Chelsea most. Chelsea will travel to India, Europe, Washington, DC, Montana and more. And, of course, more Chunk and Tammy.

You can watch the full announcement above, and stream all episodes of Chelsea on Netflix.

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