All the talk of spring break and where people have been and where people are going is so depressing when your plans involve zero travel to some tropical beach location. I think we've discovered a genius solution!


Have you heard of crowdfunding? It's the art of using your social media reach for financial benefit. People donate money to a "cause" and, hopefully, share it with their friends. We're talking viral. Knowing what crowdfunding is could be the difference between you staying home and you hearing the crashing of waves on a warm beach in Bali.

People are crowdfunding their vacations, birthday parties and getaways through sites like GoFundMe, IndieGoGo and Kickstarter. Guess what? It's working!

What's even cooler? 

A girl named Jah wanted to go to Las Vegas and had a funding goal of $1,500. She exceeded her goal but the people on social media were such haters that Jah decided to take it to a new level. Jah upped her goal to $5,000 and vowed to donate every dollar over her original $1,500 goal to her friend from high school who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

It can be used for good, too!

Let's do this!