Whoever created this day deserves a high five.

Credit:Emmanuel Dunand/Getty Images

So you know those crazy national days that you hear about like National Hamburger Day, National Salad Day and other that are just as ridiculous? Well apparently June 5 is National Moonshine and Donut Day, and I am all for it. Combining these two wonderful things into one day is a genius idea, and I definitely intend to take part, and guess what, so does Wildrye Distillery.

Wildrye Distillery on Monday, June 5 will be hosting a party for National Moonshine and Donut Day from 3 to 8 p.m. at their location. Their Moonshine and Apple Pie Moonshine cocktails will be on special and FREE donuts.

For more details on this awesome event, check out the Facebook page.

Credit:Tara Moore/Getty Images

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