We could see an addition of this at the high school level as well.

406MTSports is reporting that the NAIA with the help of the NFL and others are developing a women's flag football competition that will hopefully also lead to a national championship event in 2022.

This is huge news.

Football in motion over grass
Thomas Northcut/Getty Images

Montana is has several NAIA schools in cities such as Helena, Dillon, Billings, Havre and Butte.

The beautiful thing about the addition of this sport is that we could see women's flag football being added to the high school level in Montana as well to help the NAIA with recruiting.

Who wouldn't want to see Bozeman vs Gallatin High for the state women's flag football championship? Or even a Belgrade vs. Bozeman? That would make it quite exciting.

The addition of this sport could even lead to scholarships for the sport as well.

For more details, check out 406MTSports.

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