Every state is different on how they are reopening their states with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wallet Hub put together a list of the States with the Fewest Coronavirus Restrictions and Montana was decently high on the list.

Montana landed at #15 on the list for fewest restrictions.

Montana a month ago was #8 on the list. So even though we have moved to Phase 2 more states have loosened up their restrictions more than us.

The criteria they used for the list included categories such as: requiring wearing masks in public, travel restrictions, reopening of bars and restaurants, reopening non-essential businesses and more.

Montana has been an interesting case. We are fully into Phase 2 of reopening. We have bars and restaurants opened for 75% capacity and even our national parks have reopened.

The problem is though, Montana has seen a spike in COVID-19 cases(Gallatin County currently has 26 active cases with no hospitalizations thankfully) and that could means we might stay in Phase 2 longer and possibly even see restrictions come back.

Just make sure you are staying safe when you are out in public. Please social distance and keep your distance when you are out in public places. Wearing a mask might seem like a drag but it does make a huge difference.

Hopefully though, the cases of COVID-19 will slow down in Montana and we can move to Phase 3 sooner rather than later. We can hope can't we.

Especially with fall coming up quickly.

For more details, check out the whole report on Wallet Hub.

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