Honestly, this should have been done sooner and it should be nationwide.

Montana State Athletics announced that all Big Sky Conference schools will not schedule required athletic activities on Tuesday, November 3rd so all student athletes can go vote on Election Day.

This whole recommendation came from the Big Sky Conferences' Student Athlete Advisory Committee.

According to Emily Keller, the Bobcat Athletics Academic Coordinator,

"This initiative will allow our Bobcat student athletes to be apart of something bigger than sport. It shows that our student athletes want to be advocates and partners for change."

This is a fantastic plan and we applaud Montana State Athletics and the Big Sky Conference for doing this for all of the student athletes that want to participate and vote in the upcoming election.

Many young adults have been getting more involved with politics and that includes athletes. I'm glad they will be able to have the day off to take their time and vote on November 3rd.

Maybe one day Election Day will become a national holiday and we all can have a day where we can go vote and not worry about getting off work early enough or dealing with the long lines at polling stations.

It's a crazy dream buy maybe one day it will happen. Most of us observe Labor Day and that whole holiday is about trees.

Kudos to the Montana State Athletics for stepping up though. You can see the whole article here.

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