Every once in a while, a restaurant can make a meal for you that's so delicious, you take any opportunity to either talk about them or go back to that establishment. 

If Montanans love one thing, it's a fantastic restaurant. Whether you love restaurants with a viewhole-in-the-wall spots, or restaurants that could earn a Michelin star, we have many options. What about a restaurant that everyone talks about or should know about? We have that answer. 

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Lovefood made a list of Every State's Most Talked-About Restaurants, and the spot they picked for Montana is good but is it the most talked-about? The restaurant that is supposedly the most talked-about is Lucca's in Helena. 

Lucca's via Facebook
Lucca's via Facebook

We've talked about Lucca's multiple times as one of the best Italian restaurants in the state. Plus, the restaurant has won many awards and is highly recommended. Is Lucca's the most talked about restaurant in Montana? 

It all depends on what restaurants made the most memorable experience for you. If we are talking about the Bozeman area, many fine restaurants are beloved by many locals. 

For instance, the Land of Magic in Logan is a restaurant that, if you have ever been, you tell all your friends about because the food and experience are worth it. Plus, the Land of Magic is what I think when it comes to Montana fine dining. 

Land of Magic Steakhouse via Facebook
Land of Magic Steakhouse via Facebook

Another restaurant that gets a lot of press has to be The Keep in Missoula. This restaurant is a favorite among people in the Missoula area. People go there for anniversaries, birthdays, or other celebrations because the food is worth the price. 

Even though these are restaurants that are fancier than most Montana spots, one restaurant that I talk about constantly is Punk Rock Burger Shop on the Montana State campus. They have the best burgers I've ever had in Montana, and all the different choices will have you wanting more. 

So what's your favorite restaurant in Montana that you talk about with friends or family? 

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