If there is one thing you could say about Montanans, they do enjoy having their own projects around the house, whatever it may be. The thing is what is Montana's favorite do it yourself project? We now possibly have that answer.

House Method put together a list of The Most Popular Outdoor DIY Project for Every State and for Montana the answer makes total sense. The most popular outdoor do it yourself project is gardening.

Woman gardening
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That makes total sense in my opinion. There are so many people in my life, especially here in the Gallatin Valley that can't wait for the warm weather so they can get their garden ready to grow whatever they want. From flowers to food or even herbs the people go hard for gardening in the Gallatin Valley.

There were other choices like decks. fences, fire pits and others but to be honest gardening is vastly more popular and people do it on the regular basis.

If you are ever planning on starting your own garden and need help, definitely talk to some of the incredible garden nursery's we have here in the Gallatin Valley. From Cashman's Nursery to Oak Gardens are both stellar places to go to. Plus, if you want to build your own flower beds, you can go to Kenyon Noble or Ace Hardware to get advice on how to do that.

Do you agree that gardening is Montana's favorite DIY project? I think so.

For more details, check out House Method.

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