Listen, it's a good beer but most popular? That's some pretty high praise.

EatThis, NotThat! came out with a study of the Most Popular Beer in Every State, According to Google.

According to Google, the most popular beer in Montana is none other than Kettlehouse Brewing's Cold Smoke Scotch Ale.

Credit:Kettlehouse Brewing Co. via Facebook

If you live under a rock and have never had Cold Smoke from Kettlehouse Brewing Company, well that would be a surprise. Cold Smoke is Kettlehouse's flagship beer and is always available at most restaurants or bars. Either on tap or in a can.

I have friends that travel to Montana from Washington and Idaho to just to be able to buy the beer because they love it so much.

Cold Smoke Scotch Ale is a perfect beer after a long day of skiing or snowboarding or a great beer to just have dinner with. Cold Smoke literally goes with any mood or activity you are having.

Is Cold Smoke Montana's most popular beer though? Well according to Google it is. To be honest, it could be more complicated though. Cold Smoke is the most distributed in Montana by far but in the Gallatin Valley there could be a different opinion.

Other beers that should be included is Madison River Brewing's Salmon Fly or Bozone Brewing's Amber or even MAP Brewing's Midas Crush IPA.  Those are all extremely popular as well here in the Gallatin Valley. Then there are the domestic beers that probably get more consumed that most beers. Bud Light and Coors Light

What is your most popular beer?

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