Many folks love exploring deserted places, and Montana has several locations people love checking out.

If you're a fan of the Old West and love history, Montana is the place to explore. Several ghost towns were massive parts of how Montana became a state with the gold rush. Even though these towns are deserted and falling apart, people love exploring these places to discover what life was like in the 1800s.

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With so many ghost towns, what is Montana's most deserted place?

Love Exploring made a list of Every State's Most Eeriest Deserted Places, and Montana's pick is a classic choice. The eeriest deserted place in Montana is the ghost town of Bannack.

Visit Montana via Facebook
Visit Montana via Facebook

Bannack is located in Beaverhead County near Dillon, and many of the structures still stand. Bannack was founded back in 1862 and was a massive gold rush town. The town stayed as a mining town through the 1930s, but when the minerals disappeared, so did the people.

You can still visit Bannack today and explore anything you want, including the ancient schoolhouse. The reason Bannack is eerie to many visitors is because of the rumors that ghosts still roam the area. Some folks have claimed they have heard voices at night.

Bannack was such a massive part of Montana's history they turned the ghost town into a state park.

If you are looking for another place that is eerie but isn't as deserted, you should check out Virginia City. Virginia City is a blast during the summer with the oldest running bar in Montana, an old-school candy store, and a haunted hotel.

Virginia City street view - Google Maps
Virginia City street view - Google Maps

When the weather decides to warm up in a few months, why not explore some of these old towns of Montana? You might learn something.

For more details, check out Love Exploring.

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