Honestly, a staycation is always a good time whether you are by yourself or with your friends.

MSN Lifestyle came out wit the Every State's Most Charming Airbnb and for Montana, we don't actually have to travel very far. It's actually in Livingston and this place looks immaculate.

Kathryn Nordberg via Airbnb
Kathryn Nordberg via Airbnb

This guesthouse can sleep up to six people and is literally in Paradis Valley and the views are spectacular. Plus, you are only a 45 minute drive from Yellowstone which is a huge plus. This Airbnb is absolutely gorgeous, with open windows for natural lighting so you have a great chance to see a lot of the wildlife in Montana. Plus, you are also close to skiing, Chico Hot Springs and fly fishing. The perfect combination for a Airbnb in Montana.

Paradise Valley is one of the most beautiful areas in Montana and that valley is breathtaking. Many of us in 2020 has to cancel so many of our vacations to concerts, theme parks or even to go overseas and if you are feeling restless I think a little staycation is just what will help ease your mind.

Sometimes the best vacation is just getting out of the city for a few days, going to Yellowstone and appreciating everything you have around you here in the Gallatin Valley. Plus, if you can bring someone special with you to this Airbnb that could make the trip even more fun.

Maybe taking a few days off soon sounds like a lovely idea.

Here's the Most Charming Airbnb in Montana for more details.

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