There are many places to enjoy a perfect summer getaway in Montana, but this wouldn't be our first choice.

When people want a summer getaway in Montana, they want views, activities, and shopping to enjoy. We have plenty of that and several places that fit that description. Other folks love to get away from the big cities and traffic and want something simple.

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So where is the best summer getaway spot in Montana? We found that answer.

Explored Planet made an article called, Head To These American Small Towns For The Perfect Summer Getaway, and one Montana spot was chosen. The only problem, this Montana location isn't a small town and will probably upset some locals.

DianeBentleyRaymond/Getty Images
DianeBentleyRaymond/Getty Images

The perfect summer getaway in Montana is our own Bozeman. Explored Planet points out how Bozeman is the perfect small town. They talk about all the hiking, fly fishing, and outdoor activities to enjoy here. They talk about Bozeman's downtown area and note how you must visit the Museum of the Rockies.

Here's my problem with this article. First, Bozeman isn't a small town. It might be in other states, but Bozeman is one of the largest cities in Montana. Second, other Montana towns should have been considered.

We have a few ideas of places that would be the perfect Montana summer getaway. Bigfork sits on Flathead Lake, close to Swann Lake, and has one of the cutest downtown areas in Montana. Whitefish is the crown jewel of Northwest Montana. Whitefish is close to Glacier and Whitefish Lake and has one of the best Main Streets in Montana. Finally, we would also suggest Livingston. Livingston has a fantastic downtown area and views for days and is close to several outdoor activities that will fill your every need.

Explore Whitefish via Facebook
Explore Whitefish via Facebook

We aren't saying Bozeman isn't the perfect summer getaway, but it's been blown out of proportion over the past several years. It's about time some other Montana towns get some love from tourists.

For more details, check out Explored Planet.

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