Well, at least it isn't that God-awful black licorice. Candystore.com has released an interactive map of the most popular Valentine's Day candy for every state and Montana's choice may be a bit surprising to many. Apparently, the most popular candy in the Treasure State for Valentine's Day is conversation hearts.

Source: CandyStore.com
Really? Conversations hearts? You may be thinking Montana can do better than that. 2nd place went to chocolate hearts with a heart-shaped box of chocolates coming in 3rd (see a pattern here). No Hershey Kisses or chocolate roses? Conversation hearts are pretty much chalk in edible form.

The good folks at candystore.com compiled the data from over ten years of sales numbers but many in Montana may object to the final results.

What do you think? Are they right or wrong? What's your favorite Valentine's Day Candy? Let us know.

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