There will be several ways to watch anyone of these debates over the next three weeks to make life easier for you see the candidates.

MontanaPBS over the next three weeks will be broadcasting and hosting the debates for the United States Senate, United States House of Representatives and Governor races.

Debate concept
Brad Calkins/Getty Images

The first debate will be today, September 23rd and will be the U.S. House Debate between Republican Matt Rosendale, who is the current Montana state auditor and Democrat Kathleen Williams, who was a former Montana legislator.

The second debate will be for the U.S. Senate race and that will be broadcasted on Monday, September 28th. That debate will be between incumbent and Republican Steve Daines and current Montana Governor and Democrat Steve Bullock.

The last debate for the Montana Governor's office will be broadcasted on Tuesday, October 6th and will be between U.S. House of Representative and Republican Greg Gianforte and Lieutenant Governor Mike Cooney who is a Democrat.

Just a reminder, these debates will be live and will be hosted by MontanaPBS journalists John Twiggs and Anna Rau.

The best part about these debates is if you can't watch the debates, you can also listen to the debates live on Montana Public Radio or you can stream the debates live through the MontanaPBS website or on the MontanaPBS Facebook. They are making it incredibly easy to watch these debates.

2020 is stacking up to be a huge year for politics. Montana has many races going on from the local level to the national level and these three races and debates should be incredible to watch. So make sure you try to make time to watch the debates if you can.

For more details, check out MontanaPBS.