This is not a surprise at all to me, most of all if not all of Montana are all extremely welcoming and friendly places.

Travel and Leisure found a list from Expedia Traveler Reviews of the Friendliest Places in the United State and not surprisingly a Montana town landed not only on the list but at the top of the list. That town that is the most friendly according to Expedia traveler reviews is Whitefish, Montana.

Credit: Will Smith/Upsplash
Credit: Will Smith/Upsplash

Whitefish, Montana sits in beautiful and scenic northwest Montana and is extremely underrated. Not only do they have a great lake, ski mountain, and fantastic downtown but they are also extremely close to Glacier National Park, which I think is better than Yellowstone National Park. Every encounter that I have ever had in Whitefish was extremely pleasant and all the folks are warm, welcoming people.

The thing is you can say the same thing about most of Montana towns when it comes to being friendly. Montana people are extremely nice people who love to help out folks. I remember a few years ago I was in downtown Bozeman and there was a gentleman who looked lost and asked me if I knew where was Jam! and I not only gave him directions but I walked him to Jam! because I was walking that way anyways for lunch. He then remarked how friendly so many people are and I just responded, "That's Montana."

If you want to see the full list of the most friendly towns, check out Travel and Leisure.

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